Wine Spa

Welcome to the Wine Spa, an extraordinary innovation that is unparalleled in Thailand. This captivating sanctuary, fashioned like an underground cave, promises an experience that is nothing short of magical. As you step into this space, Italian stone veneer gracing the ceiling greets you, creating the illusion of a secret world, far removed from everyday life.

Your gaze will be drawn to the magnificent balloon chandelier, hanging majestically above an expansive antique Indian marble slab table. This grand table, paired with comfortable seating, comfortably accommodates up to 16 guests, setting the stage for memorable gatherings.

The space comes alive with the flick of a switch, as three large glass panels transform into a mesmerizing indoor glass waterfall. It’s an awe-inspiring sight that adds an enchanting ambiance to the Wine Spa.

Beyond this indoor wonder, a large saltwater pool awaits downstairs, its graceful steps inviting you to immerse yourself in its calming waters. Further enhancing the dreamlike quality of the Wine Spa, the activation of the upstairs jacuzzi triggers a waterfall cascading down the back of the house.

The Wine Spa at Palm Villa offers an immersive experience that blurs the boundaries between the indoors and the outdoors. As you swim under the cascading waterfall, you might feel as though you’ve ventured into a secret, enchanting world, a testament to the magic that lies within this unique space.

The wine spa is magical! Swimming through the waterfall into what feels like a secret cave is truly incredible!
Victoria Scales

True to its name, the Wine Spa is a haven for wine connoisseurs. On offer is an extensive selection of over 100 bottles of fine wines, each ready to be savored during your stay. A specially designed 120-bottle wine fridge stands at the ready to ensure your whites, rosés, and reds are served at the perfect temperature.

As night falls, the wine cabinet illuminates the room with LED strips, creating a modern and elegant atmosphere that adds to the allure of this unique space.

For your entertainment, we’ve equipped the Wine Spa with a state-of-the-art set of Pioneer CDJ DJ turntables and two Yamaha monitors. These professional-grade audio devices deliver clear, captivating sound to create the perfect ambience for your gathering.

For those seeking wellness and relaxation, a hidden gem awaits under the stairs: a 3-4 person sauna, featuring wood imported from Finland, designed to provide the ultimate detox experience.

If gastronomy is your passion, or if you wish to have one of our skilled chefs prepare a meal, a full-sized Kamado Joe BBQ stands ready for grilling and smoking succulent meats. This culinary masterpiece is the ideal pairing for your selected wine, elevating your dining experience in the Wine Spa.

Here, wine, music, wellness, and gastronomy coalesce into a harmonious experience, making the Wine Spa a truly exceptional space.

What to Expect?

The Wine Spa

100+ Bottles To Purchase + _

Our wine selection has wines from all over the globe and can be purchased as an extra during your stay. A large wine fridge keeps everything nice and cool as well.

Glass waterfall + _

The glass waterfall must be seen to be believed! 

Music + _

Pioneer CDJ turntables are included alongside 2x Yamaha monitor speakers.

Sauna + _

A 3-4 person sauna is the perfect place to detox.

Seating / Dining Table + _

Our imported Indian marble stone table comfortably seats 16 guests

BBQ + _

Our luxury Kamado Joe BBQ is great for guests to cook the perfect grilled meats or smoked briskets!

Swimming Pool + _

An indoor outdoor swimming pool is great for relaxing and refreshing after your sauna!

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