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Complimentary Inclusive Experiences

During your stay with us we have a selection of complimentary experiences that one of our hosts can assist with creating for you! 

Any of these experiences can be booked within short notice on the day with one of our hosts.

Here is a selection of options to choose from to make your stay more enjoyable.

Movie Night

All of our guests can choose from one premium movie from Apple TV to watch in our 4K Dolby Atmos cinema.

Games Night

We have a selection of boardgames available to choose from including monopoly, rumikub and Jenga!

Golf Putting Competition

Speak to our host who can set up your very own putting and chipping competition against them! We have high quality golf clubs and premium golf balls. Can you get a hole-in-one?

Badminton / Volleyball

Our host can set up the net in the back garden and you can play one of a number of sports using our professional net! 

Karaoke night

Speak to our host if you would like to have your very own private karaoke party in our famous English pub. We have high-quality speakers as well as a microphone available.

Children’s Sweet Hunt

Speak to our Host about organising a children’s sweetie hunt in the house. Our host will hide a number of special treats around the house and in the garden for children to find!

Slip N Slide

Speak to our host and we can get our very own slip and slide mat set up in the garden! Great fun for kids and adults of a childish nature!

Table Tennis

Speak to our host and they will set up our table tennis table for you! 

Pool Tournament

Our host can organise a friendly game or a tournament! Speak to our host and they can get the balls racked up!

Darts Competition

Speak to our host and have a good old-fashioned game of darts! A competition or around the clock can be organised as well!

Swimming race

Our house is happy to keep an eye on the kids and start the stopwatch for our very own palm villa swimming racing!

Obstacle Course

Our house can create our very own obstacle course in the garden for kids to enjoy. Get your name on the leaderboard in the Palm Villa championship!

Disc Golf

We are the only private villa in Chiang Mai to have its very own frisbee golf pin! Great fun for the family 



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