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Every luxury private villa needs its very own theatre to relax, watch the latest movies and gather with friends with a big bag of popcorn!

Our theatre has all of the latest technology to ensure the very best surround sound 4k experience available.


The sound in the theatre is just as good as you can find in any commercial cinema! Having the pub next door is perfect as well to grab a drink half way through!
Victoria Scales

Our theatre comfortably seats 10 people with large “beds” on the back row and 4 single seats at the front.

The speaker setup has 7 high quality monitor speakers providing an immersive experience and a 4k projector ensuring the clearest picture possible!

LED lighting surrounds the ceiling and can be linked to your phone to change the ambience as you wish.

Each seat has a cosy blanket attached to keep nice and warm and hide during those scary moments.

The theatre includes an apple 4k TV box which includes all of the latest movies and also the latest Xbox Series X to play a selection of games including Flight Simulator and Call Of Duty.


What to Expect?

The Theatre

4K Projector + _

The latest BenQ 4K projector offering incredibly clear pictures.

XBOX + _

We have both the Xbox 360 and the latest Xbox Series X to play with a selection of games 

Sound + _

A complete surround sound system with 7 monitor speakers and one huge sub woofer providing bone shaking bass! 

Comfortable Seating + _

Plenty of space to choose from. Single seats and double 'beds' to lie on. Blankets are also available! 

Apple TV 4K + _

We have all the latest movies available to rent from Apples huge range of movies. Sports events can also be streamed as well. 

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