Welcome to the Palm Villa Gym, your private fitness oasis designed to inspire and fuel your wellness journey. Here, you can work up a sweat and stay active, all while enjoying unrestricted access to commercial-grade gym equipment. Say goodbye to waiting for your turn; your workout can be as spontaneous as you desire.

The gym boasts a versatile multi-purpose weight system, designed to cater to a wide range of exercises, allowing you to customize your fitness routine. Complementing this, a commercial-grade cycling machine and treadmill are ready to boost your cardio sessions. Each of these machines features built-in Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to sync your devices for a personalized workout experience.

To keep your workouts engaging, we’ve installed a wall-mounted TV screen. Whether you’re in the mood for your favorite show, an inspiring movie, or a motivating workout routine, the screen will keep you entertained as you sweat it out.

No workout would be complete without proper hydration. That’s why we’ve included a well-stocked drinks fridge, replenished daily with fresh mineral water to keep you refreshed and rehydrated.

The Palm Villa Gym is more than just a place to exercise. It’s a dedicated space that encapsulates the ethos of wellness, providing all the essentials you need to enjoy a fulfilling workout, and maintaining your fitness momentum throughout your stay.

Having our own personal gym was a fantastic addition and very much appreciated. Jumping into the swimming pool and having a sauna after a workout at your fingertips was even more special!
Gita Steenbaker

Our Palm Villa Gym mimics the aesthetics of a commercial gym with mirrored panels adorning the walls. These mirrors not only enhance the spaciousness of the room but also allow you to observe and perfect your form during workouts. Additionally, the gym’s cardio machines boast an enticing view of the bustling kitchen below, adding a dash of domestic charm to your exercise routine.

To balance the intense energy of your workout, the gym opens onto an inviting balcony. Step outside for a breath of fresh air, or perhaps to indulge in a calming post-workout stretch while soaking in the view.

Maintaining a comfortable atmosphere for your workout sessions is a priority. To that end, the gym is equipped with a wall-mounted Samsung air-conditioning unit. This ensures that, even as your workout heats up, the room stays pleasantly cool, providing an optimal environment for your fitness journey.

At the Palm Villa Gym, every element is designed with intention, focusing on creating a space where your fitness goals are supported and where each workout becomes an experience to look forward to.


What to Expect?


Professional equipment + _

Our gym equipment has been sourced from Chiang mai's number one commercial gym. Included is a treadmill with Bluetooth connectivity, a fitness cycling machine and a multipurpose weight system with various attachments to ensure every possible muscle group can be put to the test.

Large Fridge + _

A large freestanding sanden fridge will be fully stocked daily with fresh mineral water.

TV Screen + _

A smart TV is on the wall and can play all of the latest TV shows from Netflix to Apple TV as you workout.

Mirrored Walls + _

Just like in any professional commercial gym the walls have been lined with high quality mirrored panels so you can admire your physique during your stay!

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