Moroccan Suite

Indulge in the extraordinary charm of the Palm Villa Moroccan suite, where stepping inside is akin to embarking on a remarkable journey to a picturesque Moroccan villa. This exquisitely designed bedroom boasts a myriad of unique features and exquisite details, carefully curated to transport you to a world of opulence and cultural immersion.

At the heart of the room lies a meticulously crafted, custom-made suede bed adorned with an elegant ceiling headboard, exuding a sense of grandeur and sophistication. Flanking the bed are exquisite handcrafted side tables, showcasing intricate craftsmanship that adds a touch of artisanal beauty to the space. The bedside lights, meticulously handmade, cast a warm and enchanting glow, illuminating the room with a soft ambiance.

A distinctive characteristic of the Moroccan suite is the low floor seated cushion area, reminiscent of the traditional Moroccan style of relaxation and gathering. Here, you can recline comfortably, surrounded by plush cushions and soak in the authentic atmosphere. Adding a touch of exotic flair, an ornamental shisha pipe, carefully sourced from Bahrain, graces the room, captivating guests with its intricate design and historical significance.

Commanding attention within the suite is a majestic golden pillar, proudly standing as a testament to the room’s regal allure. Its gleaming presence evokes a sense of awe and magnificence, adding a luxurious touch to the overall ambiance. Complementing this resplendent setting, the room’s cozy and traditional curtains drape gracefully, lending an air of warmth and inviting charm.

In every corner, the Palm Villa Moroccan suite emanates an undeniable sense of beauty, luxury, and cultural immersion. Prepare to be enchanted as you are transported to the captivating realm of a Moroccan villa, where every detail has been carefully woven together to create an unforgettable experience.

We absolutely loved the same bedroom as we came in a larger group and each of us were fighting over this room! A really great place to relax and it certainly does come alive at night...
Gita Steenbaker

This room truly comes alive at night with well-placed LED lighting and soft furnishings.

Also included is a large open format walk-in closet along with a beautiful handmade Moroccan style chair which will make for the perfect Instagram shot!

The bathroom also has a unique feature in that it contains a bath that is surrounded by glass that allows you to have unrestricted views of the mountains and the rice fields around you.

There are no taps for this bath, and filling it up requires you to switch a button on the wall which will open the rain head shower and that will fill the bath to your desired temperature.

This is a fantastic guest bedroom for larger groups and a great place to hang out in the evening and relax.


What to Expect?

Moroccan suite

Moroccan Themed Room + _

This room has been carefully designed by the owners bringing authentic furnishings from Morocco and pastel coloured walls along with mood  LED lighting.

Balcony Access + _

The Moroccan suite balcony extends all the way across the front of the villa giving access to the other guest bedrooms with great views of the front garden,

Ergonomic mattress + _

The mattress is incredibly comfortable using memory foam as well as being ergonomic ensuring the perfect night sleep.

Floor Seating Area + _

Just like in Morocco, you can gather around the low height table and sit on one of our handmade Moroccan style floor cushions and relax the night away.

Walk-in closet + _

Our open plan walk-in closet uses antique handles as well as being finished in a gold veneer. 


Ensuite bathroom + _

This is the second bedroom that has its own bathtub with breathtaking views of the rice field as well as the mountain. 

Floor to ceiling glass panels ensure that you have the best view in the house as you soak in the tub.

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