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Welcome to the Palm Villa Pub, a treasure trove of joyous experiences and memorable moments. Known for its unique charm, the pub has etched a special place in the hearts of those fortunate enough to indulge in a lock-in, leaving them with unforgettable memories.

Look closer and you’ll notice an unusual detail that gives our pub its unique character: memories of past guests are inscribed right into the bar. These narratives tell tales of enjoyable nights spent here, soaking up the ambience and delighting in everything this exclusive pub has to offer.

Every detail of the Palm Villa Pub is designed to amplify your experience. It comes fully equipped with Sanden fridges and sinks, making sure your favorite beverages are always at the right temperature. The backlit LED mirrored bottle cabinet is not just functional but adds an element of sophistication to the setting, beautifully displaying your preferred spirits.

As for entertainment, we stick to beloved pub classics. You’ll find a traditional pool table and dart board, equipped with high-quality cues and darts, offering a perfect blend of friendly competition and fun.

The Palm Villa Pub isn’t just a place to enjoy a drink; it’s a lively hub that invites you to create and share lasting memories. Whether you’re scribbling your own memory onto the bar or engaging in a friendly game of pool, each moment spent here adds to your personal narrative of unforgettable experiences.

The pub was our favourite place to hang out on the weekend! There was no need to leave! Our stay was amazing and we even got to sign the bar..
Richie George

Beyond the conviviality of pool and darts, our Palm Villa Pub extends the invitation to enjoy a collection of beloved board games. From the competitive spirit of Monopoly to the unpredictable twists of The Game Of Life, from the balancing act of Jenga to the strategic play of Rumikub, there’s a game to spark joy and laughter amongst everyone.

To add a soundtrack to your revelries, a Marshall speaker sits proudly atop the antique fireplace, ready to connect via Bluetooth and fill the pub with your favorite tunes. It’s the perfect device to set the mood, whether you’re planning a lively party or a relaxed evening.

For added convenience, there’s a dedicated storage hallway behind the pub, complete with a private toilet and urinal. This thoughtful detail ensures you can focus on the fun and camaraderie without needing to leave the cozy confines of the pub.

But what’s a pub without your favorite drinks? The Palm Villa Pub ensures that your preferred spirits and beers are at your disposal. Simply let us know your favorites prior to your arrival, and we’ll make sure the pub is stocked to your liking. Our pub is not just a space; it’s a personalized experience designed to create joyous moments and lasting memories, tailored to your preferences.


What to Expect?

Palm Villa Pub

Pool Table + _

Pot the black in our tournament size pool table with imported professional andy cloth. 

Dart Board + _

Can you hit the bullseye? The Palm Villa pub has a professional dartboard and 6 high quality darts.

Music + _

The Palm Villa pub has a Marshall speaker which can easily be connected to bluetooth and no neighbours can complain no matter how loud you blast the music! No closing time also, so you can relax and enjoy into the early hours. 

Full Bar Setup + _

The Palm Villa pub has everything all of the commercials pubs have. At night, the bar glows with the LED lights and drinks can be chilled in the spacious Sanden fridge.

A sink and running water is behind the bar to keep everything nice and clean.

Seating + _

The pub can happily accommodate up to 40 people. There are two large and comfortable leather Chesterfield chairs and 7 bar stools propping up the bar.

A separate wooden high table with 4 additional stools are available.

TV + _

Watch your favourite sports matches on the TV which is connected to many global TV channels.

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