African Suite

Prepare to be mesmerized by the captivating allure of the Palm Villa African Suite, an extraordinary experience that surpasses expectations and must truly be witnessed to be fully appreciated. From the moment you set foot inside, you will be transported to a realm of enchantment inspired by the beauty and mystique of Africa.

The focal point of the African suite is the faux cowhide bed, an exquisite masterpiece that immediately captures the imagination. This stunning custom handmade bed not only serves as a striking centerpiece but also promises unparalleled comfort. Its luxurious design invites you to sink into its embrace and indulge in a restful sleep or a moment of relaxation.

To ensure the utmost in comfort, all our bedrooms feature top-of-the-line memory foam ergonomic mattresses. These high-quality mattresses conform to the contours of your body, providing optimal support and cradling you in a cloud of tranquility. With such a comforting sleep surface, your nights are destined to be remarkably restful and rejuvenating.

Additionally, the walls of the African suite have been thoughtfully adorned with painted bamboo, further enhancing the ambiance and immersing you in the rich textures and natural beauty of the African landscape. This unique touch infuses the space with a sense of authenticity, evoking a connection to the continent’s captivating culture and wilderness.

Furthermore, all the bedrooms within the Palm Villa estate are equipped with electronic blackout blinds. These state-of-the-art blinds offer you complete control over the level of natural light entering the room, ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed sleep at any time of the day. Whether you desire a serene, dimly lit atmosphere or prefer to bask in the gentle glow of sunlight, these blinds provide the flexibility to curate the perfect ambiance.

The Palm Villa African Suite is an experience that transcends the ordinary, immersing you in a magical world that celebrates the splendor of Africa. From the captivating faux cowhide bed to the painted bamboo-lined walls, every detail has been meticulously crafted to transport you to the heart of this awe-inspiring continent. Prepare to be enchanted by the allure of this remarkable suite and embark on a journey that will leave you with cherished memories for a lifetime.

Having our own personal gym was a fantastic addition and very much appreciated. Jumping into the swimming pool and having a sauna after a workout at your fingertips was even more special!
Gita Steenbaker

Prepare to be astounded by one of the most extraordinary features of this room: its very own outdoor waterfall jungle shower! This exceptional addition sets this space apart, offering a truly immersive and awe-inspiring bathing experience.

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of the outdoor shower, surrounded by lush greenery and the soothing sound of cascading water. The shower’s unique design includes a completely open ceiling, allowing you to bask in the ethereal beauty of showering beneath the twinkling stars in the evening or witnessing the vibrant hues of a sunrise in the morning. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with nature in a truly remarkable way, embracing the elements and delighting in a moment of pure serenity.

For an added touch of privacy, a glass panel elegantly separates the outdoor shower from the bedroom. This creates a subtle allure, inviting couples to embrace their imagination and indulge in the romantic possibilities that this feature presents. Whether it’s enjoying the sensory experience of the outdoor shower together or simply admiring the view, this distinctive design element lends an air of intimacy and excitement to the space.

The combination of the outdoor waterfall jungle shower and the glass panel integration ensures a harmonious blend of nature and privacy, allowing you to fully savor the unique aspects of this remarkable room. It’s an invitation to escape from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary, where moments of relaxation and connection with your surroundings become an integral part of your stay.

Discover the joy of showering under the open sky and the delight of blending indoor and outdoor spaces in a seamless and captivating manner. The outdoor waterfall jungle shower is a testament to the innovative and enchanting nature of this room, promising an unforgettable experience that will leave you with cherished memories and a renewed appreciation for the wonders of nature.

What to Expect?

African Suite

Outdoor Jungle Shower + _

The African outdoor jungle shower is a very unique feature exclusive to this suite.

Shower under the stars from our waterfall shower-head and jungle greenery.


Balcony Access + _

The jungle shower balcony extends all the way across the front of the villa giving access to the other guest bedrooms with great views of the front garden,

Ergonomic mattress + _

A smart TV is on the wall and can play all of the latest TV shows from Netflix to Apple TV as you workout.

Mirrored Walls + _

Just like in any professional commercial gym the walls have been lined with high quality mirrored panels so you can admire your physique during your stay!

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