Titanic Voyage: Nautical 4D Cinematic Experience

Set sail on a cinematic voyage like no other! Experience the ‘Titanic’ as it comes alive in Chiang Mai’s most interactive 4D outdoor screening in our indoor wine spa…

🌊 Feel the ocean’s embrace with every wave and ripple from the boat seating
🎥 Revel in a massive 20ft screen that brings the Titanic closer than ever, beneath a canopy of stars.
🌌 Sights, Sounds & Scents: Be enveloped by the breathtaking visuals, haunting melodies, and evocative aromas of that fateful voyage.

🚢 Seating Choice:
Lifeboat (For two) – Float amidst the storyline, with plush blankets and a welcome drink. Only 2000THB per person.

🎩 Dress in the Moment: Transport back in time by donning period costumes and truly immerse in the Titanic saga. A prize for the best Jack or Rose…
🍸 Indulge at our bar, stocked with thematic drinks and nostalgic nibbles. Journey commences at 8 pm.

Minimum 4 guests for this experience.



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