Lanna Hill House Chiang Mai

The Lanna Hill House, located in Chiang Mai’s scenic Mae-On Valley, offers a distinctive fusion of colonial and Lanna-style architecture. This spectacular teakwood mansion features four exquisitely equipped bedrooms with views of the verdant valley and breathtaking mountainous environment, natural living, cool interiors, and high ceilings. For visitors looking to fully immerse themselves in Chiang Mai’s rich history and culture, it offers a singular experience.

Yet, Palm Villa Chiang Mai is the ideal alternative if you’re seeking for lodging that offers not only a sumptuous and exquisite environment but also unmatched amenities and a customized experience. The Palm Villa Chiang Mai stands out as the best choice for your upcoming trip to Chiang Mai because to its cutting-edge amenities and individualized services. Palm Villa is also modern and luxurious and caters for those who have a western palate for design and amenities.

The four completely furnished, air-conditioned bedrooms at Lanna Hill House are complemented by Palm Villa Chiang Mai, which adds an extra level of comfort and luxury to make each visitor’s stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Nestled amidst the verdant landscape of Chiang Mai, Lanna Hill House offers a 10-meter saltwater pool, inviting outdoor seating areas, and exquisite landscaping for guests to enjoy. However, Palm Villa Chiang Mai outshines its competitor by presenting a remarkable wine tasting experience, complete with an expert host and a curated collection of exceptional wines and cheeses, all set within the lavish surroundings of their private wine spa.

Palm Villa further impresses with two separate swimming pools, including a stunning rooftop terrace pool that offers majestic views of the encompassing mountains and rice fields.

While Lanna Hill House provides guests with a modern kitchen and a set menu crafted by top chefs, Palm Villa Chiang Mai goes the extra mile with a phenomenal dining experience that caters to a diverse range of palates and preferences. With two skilled chefs at the helm, guests can expect extraordinary dishes and a luxurious tasting menu.

Both Lanna Hill House and Palm Villa Chiang Mai capture the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of Chiang Mai, but Palm Villa Chiang Mai distinguishes itself with its fastidious attention to detail, unparalleled amenities, and dedication to delivering a customized experience. When planning your next Chiang Mai getaway, choose Palm Villa Chiang Mai to indulge in the exceptional service and sophistication that await you in this mesmerizing destination.

Guests at Lanna Hill House have access to a contemporary kitchen and a set menu that has been selected by top chefs. On the other hand, Palm Villa Chiang Mai provides a superb dining experience with carefully created cuisine that satisfy a variety of palates and tastes! We have two chefs who can produce the most magical dishes and also a luxury tasting menu as well!

Both Lanna Hill House and Palm Villa Chiang Mai reflect the rich cultural legacy and natural beauty of Chiang Mai, but Palm Villa Chiang Mai stands out for its meticulous attention to detail, unmatched amenities, and commitment to providing a bespoke experience. When booking your next vacation to Chiang Mai, choose Palm Villa Chiang Mai to experience the great service and elegance that are waiting for you in this breathtaking location.


  • Lanna Hill House: Colonial and Lanna-style architecture, teakwood home, four fully-furnished bedrooms, 10-meter saltwater swimming pool, landscaped gardens, modern kitchen, and a curated menu.
  • Palm Villa Chiang Mai: Superior choice for Chiang Mai trip, state-of-the-art facilities, personalized services, two modern swimming pools, unforgettable wine tasting experience, private wine spa, exceptional dining experience.

Bullet Points:

  • Unique blend of colonial and Lanna-style architecture at Lanna Hill House
  • Palm Villa Chiang Mai offers a luxurious and tailored experience
  • Four fully-furnished bedrooms at Lanna Hill House vs additional layer of comfort at Palm Villa
  • Lanna Hill House’s 10-meter saltwater pool vs two modern pools at Palm Villa
  • Unforgettable wine tasting experience at Palm Villa’s private wine spa
  • Exceptional dining at Palm Villa compared to Lanna Hill House’s curated menu


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